Experience the fusion of art and taste with Ruchoks’ Rangoli Concept Gifting Box. Celebrate the vibrancy of Diwali with a uniquely designed box featuring exquisite rangoli patterns. Inside, you’ll discover a delectable assortment of flavored chocolates that add a sweet twist to tradition. This thoughtful combination makes for a perfect gift that embraces the beauty of creativity and the joy of indulgence. Illuminate your Diwali celebrations with Ruchoks’ Rangoli Concept Gifting Box.

1 . Delightful Surprise: The accompanying chocolate offers a delightful treat, enhancing the gifting experience.

2. Festive Celebration: Combines the joy of gifting, artistic expression, and the pleasure of indulging in chocolate.

3. Thoughtful Selection: A curated collection of items chosen with care to suit the occasion or recipient.

4. Variety: Offers a diverse range of items, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Ingredients ?
Florentine Chocolate, Petal Chocolate, Circle Chocolate, Stencil 1

Shelf Life ? 6 Months

Storage Condition ?
Contains milk Solids & Soy. Contains Nuts

Allergen Info ?
Contains milk Solids & Soy. Contains Nuts

Weight 181 kg
R2 – Rangoli Chocolate Box wit...